Spring Do-over

One of the really cool things about spending February and early March in North Carolina is that we get to see the countryside wake up to a new spring in North Carolina and then see it again when we return north to Michigan. A reminder of new beginnings twice in one year.

Moments on Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock and Lake Lure

I returned to Chimney Rock this week for the first time in nearly thirty years.  


  Time to introduce a new generation to the majesty of the North Carolina mountains and waterfalls!

We climbed to the top and there were many special moments:

Completing the climb up stairs and walkways to the top of the rock- ahhh!

The view…mountains, Lake Lure below, rivers winding through rocky valleys.

Watching a granddaughter climb a tree at the top of the rock and holding another in the wind.

Hugging my family- husband, sister, kids and grands.


Time sure moves forward! I have had lots of ideas of things to write about but have not been able to stop and make time for a new routine in my life- but my intention this year is to write, so write I will!

Anhinga- J. Church

I have wanted to share one inspiration for this blog.  A friend of mine, Jeanne Church, started a blog called Picture Walks and I would encourage you to check it out. Jeanne writes about the things that she sees and hears, as she walks and takes pictures of nature.  Her pictures of birds are stunning, her explorations of nature facts are informative, and her descriptions of her adventures are humorous and direct, sometimes even profound!  Although her pictures are beautiful and her adventures enjoyable, I think that the thing that I admire the most is that Jeanne speaks in a clear voice, so much authentically Jeanne.  That, more than anything, is her inspiration gift to me.

Blue Heron- J. Church

Be sure to check it out. You can find her site at: https://picturewalks.org

Cormorant- J. Church


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
–  Vicki Corona

Whatever path you took to get here, welcome!  I invite you to visit when you can, enjoy your time, make comments or ask questions.  I will enjoy sharing and exchanging thoughts with you.