She Thanked Me

We started walking a couple of years ago. We would meet at a local trail, walk 2-3 miles, talk about the regular things in life, and I noticed that each time that we parted Anne would say a simple thank you for sharing the walk that day. It happened every time, that simple thanks, and I wondered about it. What was the effort that prompted the gesture? It seemed like such a small thing but so important.

Our lives had become more quiet in the pandemic and it was good to have a plan, an appointment, a reason to leave the house. It was fun to explore new places in our community – a somewhat normal activity in the face of so much that was abnormal. Life was solitary even when we lived with partners- and safe and trusted companions truly were a gift.

Soon Jan joined us and we became the 3 Walkers.

Jan and Anne identified wildflowers all along the trail, and I learned about plant apps for my phone and the benefits of down sweaters. Two years later we continue to share grandkid stories, review our latest efforts at photography, quilting, pottery and felting. and ponder the latest community and world events.

It has taken me two years to write about this, maybe because I too have been looking for a way to say “thank you” for this very comfortable, supportive, and delightful time with special friends.

So, maybe just thanks for walking with me on this journey, my friends.