Definition:  A determination to act in a certain way.      

–Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Around the time of the new year, I heard a podcast discussion about new year’s resolutions, and one of the commentators talked about starting her new year with intentions. She explained her use of intentions, rather than resolutions, because for her the use of intention also implied a value for the activity in her life.  Perhaps not so much strength as a resolution, but perhaps instilled with more longevity and importance in her life.  Hmmm….

So here are my intentions for 2019:

  1. Write more.  I hope to do this by creating this blog, by sending more greeting cards with notes, giving input to my elected representatives and sending more notes of thank you and appreciation.
  2. Fact check. In a world full of information and sharing, I want to make sure that what I pass along to others is thought out and researched. will be my friend along with the concept of “take a deep breath” before talking.
  3. Bake bread.  I want to understand the science, precision, creativity and patience required to bake bread. Get ready friends- I’ll be sharing!
  4. Move more.  This is my moment to build new habits for my own health.  No excuses.  Drink more water. Walk more trails. Understand and build more core strength.
  5. Be in gratitude.  Know my own gifts and share my time and talents.
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